When to Begin Finishing Flooring

Since a near-occupied environment was established prior to installation, it is recommended that unfinished flooring be allowed to acclimate 1 to 3 weeks before proceeding with sanding and finishing operations. This acclimation allows the flooring to react and move as the environment dictates so that slight cracks, slightly raised edges, etc., can be sanded, filled, and finished to give the best appearance. Longer periods of exposure to job site abuse and moisture can result in future problems.

After finishing is completed, temperature and humidity should continue to be maintained at near occupancy levels.


Applying the finish to the hardwood floor should be one of the last jobs of any construction project. This prevents the traffic of workmen from marring the finish. Wall coverings should be in place and painting completed except for a final coat on the base molding.


Remove all furniture, rugs, and draperies from the room. If you're planning on wall repair, painting or applying wall covering, do that work before you refinish the floor so paint or paste will not drip on the new floor.


A drum or belt wood floor sanding machine, an edger or spinner, appropriate sanding paper or belts and edger discs, in COARSE, MEDIUM and FINE grits.

NOTE: The drum or belt sanding machine that has a separate lever for raising and lowering the sanding drum is preferred. The lever provides additional control during the sanding process. Always wear ear protection.

A floor polisher 15" to 17" diameter, 200 rpm or less, with a sanding disc attachment and sanding discs or sanding screens in fine grit, also white or brown buffing pads.

Hand tools and miscellaneous equipment: broom, vacuum, hammer, 6d to 8d case nails, nail set, nail puller, long handled paint scraper, hand sanding block and sandpaper, 2"- 3" putty knife and prepared wood filler, oscillating electric sander - if available. For repairing boards: circular saw, 1/2"-1" chisel, pry bar, hand saw, block plane, wood glue, drill, utility knife, replacement flooring.